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Serving Entire Southern California

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Contact info

  • West Coast Fabrication
  • 12320 Branford Suite H
  • Sun Valley ,CA 91352
  • Tel (818)687-1684
  • Fax (818)999-1509
  • Office
  • 22510 Sylvan Street
  • Woodland Hills ,CA 91367
  • Tel (818)687-1684
  • Fax (818)999-1509

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Common Stone Types

Description: C:\Westctech\images\one.pngGranite – This hard and dense natural stone is ideal for ...

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Maintenance of Stone

Description: C:\Westctech\images\two.pngOne of the many reasons that natural stone is so popular today in both residential and commercial installations...

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Who Are We ?

Description: C:\Westctech\images\three.pngWe are located in Great Los Angeles area and we have grown in the past years to become a highly experienced and reliable granite fabricator and installer...

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Natural Stone Faq's

Description: C:\Westctech\images\four.pngWhat’s the difference between marble and granite? Although both are stones and both are quarried from the earth, granite and marble (and marble’s relatives – limestone, onyx and travertine)...

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