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Granite or Marble as a natural stone has a very miscellaneous look, just like our customers' design ideas.We want you to be completely satisfied with your project, and so we allow you to customize your countertops to a degree that none of our competition can.

Choosing the color of natural stone for your countertops is not enough.Sometimes slabs can vary in color and pattern, even within one batch, so we want you to pick the very slabs that we'll use for your project.After we take template of your cabinets, we can go to granite yard and align them on the slab and choose what parts you want to use. Do you want to keep that colorful vein on the countertop? Or maybe you want to put your sink cutout where the darker spots are? It's all possible with us.

Common Stone Types

Granite – This hard and dense natural stone is ideal for ...

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Maintenance of Stone

One of the many reasons that natural stone is so popular today in both residential and commercial installations...

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Who Are We ?

We are located in Great Los Angeles area and we have grown in the past years to become a highly experienced and reliable granite fabricator and installer...

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Natural Stone Faq's

What’s the difference between marble and granite? Although both are stones and both are quarried from the earth, granite and marble (and marble’s relatives – limestone, onyx and travertine)...

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